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You can book courses year-round, there are no vacations. Even over Christmas and New Year, you can book a German course with us. For more information please refer to „Intensive course over Christmas” on this page.

No classes will be held on national bank holidays. This does not apply for one-to-one classes, mini-group courses and a few other courses. Please refer to the specific course centers for a list of respective bank holidays of the year.


All German language books needed in a given course are provided free of charge for use during their German course.


A certificate is available to all students at the end of the German course. The certificate will indicate the results and the knowledge level achieved in the German language course as well as the number of lessons attended.


The best time to contact your children or relatives during their German course is either at lunch time (1 pm) or at dinner time (6 pm). Approximately four weeks prior to the beginning of the language course you will receive detailed information about the course itself. We then will inform you about the exact postal address and the phone number you may use to call your children, relatives or friends while they are abroad. Please accept that we can disturb lessons only in matters of real urgency. Thank you.


All students are expected to participate fully in their German course. Thus, a certain amount of homework is obligatory in all German classes. It is given regularly and involves preparation before, and revision work after the day's lessons. However, the amount of homework will always allow sufficient time for leisure activities. Written homework will be corrected and returned to the student, serving as an indication of his or her individual progress.


You can book courses year-round, there are no vacations. In Lindenberg, Bad Schussenried and Constance there are courses offered even over Christmas and New Year.

For additional courses please refer to the section “Special programs” in the respective age group.


We distinguish the following levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The course durations given below refer to intensive courses of 30 lessons per week:


Course duration

A1 Elementary 1
A2 Elementary 2
B1 Intermediate 1
B2 Intermediate 2
C1 Advanced 1
C2 Advanced 2

5 weeks (for total beginners, leads to telc Deutsch A1)
5 weeks (leads to telc Deutsch A2)
5 weeks (leads to Zertifikat Deutsch and Zertifikat Deutsch für Jugendliche)
5+5 weeks (leads to telc Deutsch B2)
5+5 weeks (leads to TestDaF and telc Deutsch C1)
5+5 weeks

Please note, that every year there are two or three starting dates, where courses last 6 weeks instead of 5 weeks. This is based on the fact that during these courses there is a number of bank holidays, where no lessons are held. Furthermore, classes usually are filled to capacity (10 participants) during summer season (July / August) which slightly reduces the learning pace.


Our international students who want to learn German at the Humboldt-Institut are expected to have a very good command of the German (Latin) alphabet, as we exclusively teach German as a foreign language, but do not offer alphabetization within our regular courses.

Interested participants, who are not able to read and write in the Latin alphabet (as their native language uses the Cyrillic, Arabic, Greek or any other alphabet, or Asian characters) nonetheless are given the opportunity to learn the German lettering in private lessons before the regular language course starts.


In almost all of our course centers our staff will be in charge of your laundry.


A lesson lasts 45 minutes.


If you make a bank transfer to us, please make sure that it is free of bank fees to the Humboldt-Institut, otherwise we will have to charge you for the fees occurred to us.

Bank transfers within the European Union are free of charge, if you use the so-called IBAN and BIC numbers. Unfortunately, no credit card or cheque payments can be accepted.

Our account details:
Account holder:
Humboldt-Institut e.V.
Bank: UniCredit Bank AG in 70173 Stuttgart, Germany
Acount No: 842 8000 (BLZ 600 202 90)
IBAN: DE87 6002 0290 0008 4280 00


Every student who wants to attend one of our courses sits a very thorough placement test on the first day of class to determine his or her German language level. The student will then be assigned to a class that reflects his or her level. This ensures that our classes are linguistically very homogenous. During the summer months, a placement test is given on the first day of the course, i.e. the day is generally for orientation without instruction.

Test your German level right now! Just fill out our online test and you will receive your results stating your current level within seconds.


Sample schedule for intensive German course for teenagers

time monday tuesday wednesday
saturday sunday
08:00 - 08:30
08:30 - 10:00 lessons fully day excursion
10:00 - 10:30 break, snack sports, leisure activities, excursions, workshops
10:30 - 12:00 lessons
12:00 - 12:15 break
12:15 - 13:00 lessons
13:00 - 13:45 lunch
14:15 - 15:00 weekly test
lessons half day excursion lessons sports and games
15:00 - 15:45 sports and games
16:00 - 17:00 sports and games sports and games
17:00 - 18:00
18:00 - 18:30 dinner
19:00 - 20:00 homework sports, games and disco homework
20:00 - 22:00 sports, games and handycrafts sports, games and handycrafts
22:00 - 23:00    
23:00 bed time   bed time
00:00   bed time  


While living in a foreign country, problems may arise from time to time, be they medical, emotional or otherwise. This is a normal part of learning to live away from home for some time. However, our experienced staff will offer you help in these cases, and all such matters will be treated as strictly confidential. Reliable supervision for our minor students is guaranteed 24 hours per day.

TRANSFERS (airport and railway station)

One aspect of our comprehensive services refers to your arrival transfer. Arrival to all of our courses is on the Sunday before the course starts. The day of departure is the Saturday after the last course lessons. On the enrollment form, you can opt for a transfer service from your individual airport or train station of arrival. Our staff will pick you up; there is a fee to cover the cost of the airport service, yet the pick-up from the closest railway station is always free of charge. Fees will be doubled for transfers on other days than the official days of arrival and departure. Please note that this service might be shared with other students. In order to organize your transfer we do need your arrival time and details no later than 7 days before arrival. Longer waits may result for
anyone who is late in submitting his/her information. Additionally a late booking fee is charged.

We will also transfer students who want to continue at another Humboldt center to their new location. A fee is charged for this service.


If you decide to take out a travel health insurance during your stay at our institute, you can sign up for it along with your enrollment. The fee is EUR 2.- per day of your stay. The travel health insurance covers all kinds of medical treatment by a doctor or in a hospital which becomes necessary during your stay in the program. Any treatment related to sickness or accidents that occurred before the start of the course will not be covered by the travel insurance. Any kind of health issues that arise as a result of deliberateness will not be covered either.

The travel health insurance does not include a liability insurance.


Please contact a German Embassy or Consulate to inquire whether you need a visa or not. If you do need one, please proceed as follows:

After receipt of your enrollment form, we shall send you a written confirmation and an invitation for the course.

Once you have received both documents, you have to file an application for a visa at a German Embassy or Consulate.

You will have to submit:

  1. The invitation of the Humboldt-Institut;
  2. The proof of health insurance; (If you have taken out health insurance through the Humboldt-Institut, you will receive the corresponding proof of insurance included in the invitation.)
  3. The proof of the financing of your stay in Germany: After your payment of the course fee, you can prove your financing either through a receipt of your bank or by asking the Humboldt-Institut to send you a corresponding receipt.

Should any difficulties arise for the granting of your visa, please contact us at the Humboldt-Institut immediately. It is a pleasure for us to help you.

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