The sun smiles on Lindenberg: The city basks in some of the highest number of hours of sunshine among German cities. Lindenberg, an idyllic health resort town of about 12,000 people located in the foothills of the Alps, also features a very good infrastructure for our young students.

The scenic surroundings and the close proximity to the Alps, to Austria and Switzerland, as well as Lake Constance offer our students limitless opportunities for excursions and recreational activities.

The school

The Humboldt-Institut Lindenberg can host up to 200 students and is open year-round — even during the winter holidays. Many of our classrooms offer breathtaking views of the Alps. Students can choose to be housed in the on-campus dorms or stay with a host family.

Student rooms on campus

Our students stay on campus in Lindenberg. The twin rooms as well as very few single, triple and four bed rooms have a beautiful view either of the Alps or of the forest. All rooms have their own en-suite bathrooms and enjoy the same high quality furniture, which is modern and comfortable.

With this 360° panoramic image you get a first impression of the rooms in Lindenberg.

Room in Lindenberg – Spherical Image/360° Panorama Humboldt-Institut Lindenbergt twin room for short-term students

Room in Lindenberg – Spherical Image/360° Panorama Humboldt-Institut Lindenbergt twin room in the west wing

We carefully choose the students who will share a room with each other. We take care to match roommates who have a comparable German language level and are of similar age, yet speak different native languages. This way we encourage them to speak and practice German with each other outside of the classroom. Boys and girls are housed separately.

Our students receive three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Laundry service is offered to all students free of charge once a week for their personal laundry. Bed linen and towels will be provided and changed regularly.

Host families

In July and August, students also have the choice of living with a local German family, where they stay in single or twin rooms. They have breakfast with the host family, but all other meals are eaten in our residential school. This way we ensure that the students who stay with host families are integrated into the group of students staying on campus.
Since we have chosen all of our host families in Lindenberg very carefully and know them personally, we guarantee that our students will be well taken care of. The same rules for choosing roommates — regarding age and native languages — apply as in the residences. Most of the host families live within walking distance (10 to 20 minutes) of the school. If the family lives farther away, we organize daily transportation to and from school.

Leisure time

Our school in Lindenberg offers students countless recreational opportunities. Young athletes will find outdoor playing fields and lawns, a sports court and a gymnasium, a climbing wall, a miniature golf course, a sauna and an indoor swimming pool. We also have mountain bikes for long rides through the magnificent surroundings.

Budding artists can give wings to their creativity in our arts and crafts rooms as well as in several workshops. Games and party rooms (with table football, pool and ping-pong tables) complete the varied range of options and guarantee an interesting leisure program.

Facilities within the school building also include an auditorium with a stage, a party room, a room for movies and a large recreation room. On campus there is a barbecue area and a huge lawn for activities or sunbathing.

In the winter, we take our students skiing or snowshoeing to the nearby mountains.

Activity program

Every day we offer an attractive and varied activity program with sports, games or cultural events for the leisure time after class. Our staff will encourage and motivate students to participate in the activities. This leisure program is included in the tuition fees.

The following leisure activities are offered:

Arts and crafts room
Climbing wall
Ice skating
Playing field
Sports hall
Swimming (indoor pool)
Swimming (lake)
Table football
Table tennis

* – not included in the course fee


Every Saturday, our staff members organize and accompany full-day excursions to attractive destinations. Every Wednesday, our students will have half-day excursions to sights and interesting towns within the region. The excursions and the entrance fees are already included in the course fee. Some of our offers include:

The Alps




Mainau island




Weekly schedule

Our sample schedule provides an overview of the daily structure at the Humboldt-Institut Lindenberg. The mentioned activities and excursions are examples. Please click here to download the sample schedule for Lindenberg.


We guarantee reliable around-the-clock supervision, both during the excursions as well as throughout the whole course. All students are expected to attend all classes, meals and scheduled activities and excursions.

„ It has been really helpful and thanks to the course I’ve improved my German. People, here in Humboldt, are all amazing, staff, tutors and teachers. Thank you for everything. I’ll miss you a lot.
Vittoria, age 15


Ellgasser Str. 42
88161 Lindenberg im Allgäu

German courses & fees

In Lindenberg the Humboldt-Institut offers German courses for teenagers year-round. All courses are offered as a full package including accommodation, full board, daily activities and excursions.

Intensive course 30

30 lessons/week

800 €/week (10+ weeks) and 925 €/week

1.020 €/week and 890 €/week (10+ weeks)

incl. accommodation and board

Tuition: Monday – Friday
Levels: A1 - C2

Starting dates:

April 14*, Juli 28*, Juni 16*, Juni 2*, Juni 23*, Juni 30, Juni 9*, Mai 12*, Mai 26, Juli 7, März 17, März 31*, November 17, November 3*, Oktober 13, Oktober 20*, September 15*, September 29*, März 3*, Juli 21*, Dezember 22*, Juli 14*, April 28*, April 7*, August 11*, August 18*, August 25*, August 4, Dezember 1*, April 21, Dezember 15*, Dezember 29*, Dezember 8*, Februar 10, Februar 17*, Januar 20*, Januar 27*, Januar 6, September 8

Starting dates:

April 12*, April 19, April 5*, August 16*, August 2, August 23*, August 9*, Dezember 20*, Dezember 27*, Dezember 6*, Februar 23*, Februar 9, Januar 12*, Januar 26*, Januar 5, Juli 12*, Juli 19*, Juli 26*, Juli 5, Juni 14*, Juni 21*, Juni 28, Juni 7*, Mai 10*, Mai 24, Mai 3*, Mai 31*, März 1*, März 15, März 29*, November 1*, November 15, November 29*, Oktober 11, Oktober 18*, September 13*, September 27*, September 6

* not for total beginners

plus 45 EUR/week seasonal surcharge from June 7 to August 15, 2020

One-to-one intensive course 25

25 lessons/week

1.895 €/week

2.085 €/week

incl. accommodation and board

Tuition: Monday – Friday
Levels: A1 - C2

Starting dates:

jede Woche

Starting dates:

jede Woche

One-to-one intensive course 30

30 lessons/week

2.140 €/week

2.355 €/weeks

incl. accommodation and board

Tuition: Monday – Friday
Levels: A1 - C2

Starting dates:

jede Woche

Starting dates:

jede Woche

One-to-one intensive course 40

40 lessons/week

2.630 €/week

2.895 €/week

incl. accommodation and board

Tuition: Monday – Friday
Levels: A1 - C2

Starting dates:

jede Woche

Starting dates:

jede Woche

School transition course

30 lessons/week

800 €/week (10+ weeks)

890 €/week (10+ weeks)

incl. accommodation and board

Tuition: Monday – Friday
Levels: B2

Starting dates:

August 4*

Starting dates:

August 2*


Compare all course centers for children and teenagers


What is included:

All courses include all lessons, course materials, housing accommodations, full board, 24-hour supervision, daily activity program, weekly excursions (including entrance fees), laundry service and a certificate.

Special programs

Skiing and snowboarding

In winter we offer skiing and snowboard courses from January to February. The courses can be booked for a duration of one week or more. The courses take place from Monday to Friday in the afternoon after the German lessons. During the courses the number of German lessons is limited to 25. On Saturday participants will be taken to a big skiing resort in the Alps.


300,00 EUR
(per person and week) 30.12.2018 – 09.03.2019, 05.01.2020 – 29.02.2020


300,00 EUR
(per person and week) 30.12.2018 – 09.03.2019, 05.01.2020 – 29.02.2020

The fees for the skiing and snowboard course include rental of skis or snowboards, boots, helmets and the ski lift fees.



Discover the two course centers for juniors and teenagers in Lindenberg an Bad Schussenried in this video. Enjoy watching!

Arrival and departure

Our day of arrival is the Sunday before the course starts and the departure day is the Saturday after the end of the course.

Railway station

We will pick up our students from the Röthenbach im Allgäu railway station free of charge.

Airport transfer

We can arrange a transfer service for a fee from and to the following airports: Zurich (ZRH), Munich (MUC), Memmingen (FMM) and Friedrichshafen (FDH).

Airport Friedrichshafen (FDH)

50,00 EUR
(per person and way)

Airport Memmingen (FMM)

50,00 EUR
(per person and way)

Airport Zurich (ZRH)

110,00 EUR
(per person and way)

Airport Munich (MUC)

140,00 EUR
(per person and way)

If you have more questions:

For further information and answers please see our FAQ.
For your personal offer please contact us.