New Website for the Humboldt Boarding School Lindenberg18. March 2021

Since 2011 the Humboldt Boarding School in Lindenberg has been offering students from all over the world a second home in Germany. Young students receive a well-founded education at the Lindenberg Gymnasium and find a family atmosphere at the Humboldt boarding home in Lindenberg.

This combination makes an important contribution to the personal and social development of the students, who are thus prepared for the demands of the modern world of work and life. With the Abitur at the Lindenberg Gymnasium students have every opportunity to study at a university in Germany.

On the new website, the educational approach, the school and the boarding home are presented with great detail in text and images. Of course, the new website also offers all the important information about counseling and admission to the Humboldt Boarding School in Lindenberg.

What Alumi have to say
In the testimonials section you can read what former students have to say about their experiences at the Humboldt Boarding School. Here are just three examples:

„It has now been a year since I graduated with the Abitur. However, I always remember the wonderful time at the Humboldt Boarding School in Lindenberg, where I have spent three wonderful years. During this time we have recognized the importance of teamwork and a strong will. We have always encouraged each other. We have not only learned at school and passed our Abitur, with Humboldt we have broadened our horizons and developed our personality.“
– Siqi

“The Humboldt family that I experienced here was so incredibly nice that I cannot describe it in my own words. The friends from all over the world distracted me so much, the many trips made life so beautiful that I always had the motivation to achieve my goals […]“
– Hossein

„When I remember my time at the Humboldt Boarding School in Lindenberg, I think of competent teachers and a headmistress who always took care of us. I always knew that I would be supported with any problem.“
– Anastasia

Further information can be found on the new website of the Humboldt Boarding School in Lindenberg.

We hope you enjoy browsing the new website and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about schools and boarding schools in Germany!