Welcome to Germany!22. June 2018

The first weekend of July is traditionally the weekend with the highest number of student arrivals. This year we are happy to welcome more than 700 students who will arrive on July 1 for their German courses in Bad Dürkheim, Bad Schussenried, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Kempten, Cologne, Constance, Lehnin, Lindenberg, Reimlingen, Wittgenstein Castle and Vienna. The German courses in Schmallenberg and Meersburg already start one week earlier.

The preparations and plannings in all course centers are already going full speed. The past weekend, course directors of all summer courses gathered in Lindenberg (group photo above) for their annual seminar. During the course of the next weeks you can follow the news and images from all course locations on Facebook or Instagram (#humboldtinstitut).

We wish all of our students a successful German course and a great summer experience at the Humboldt-Institut!