Returning students to Humboldt – Varya (B2) from Russia27. September 2018

Among the many students at the schools of the Humboldt-Institut, a certain number are returning students who study with Humboldt for the second or even third time. Varya from Russia is enrolled for the second time at Humboldt-Institut Berlin. In this article she tells us about her motivation to learn German in Berlin.

Why do you learn German?

I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor program in biology and immunology. In Germany a lot of research is done in those fields and many publications are in German. This is why I want to do a Master degree in Germany or maybe a PhD.

Why do you learn German at the Humboldt-Institut?

I studied German for two years in school and took a summer course with Goethe. Then I went to Humboldt in Berlin and returned because here I met the best people. Learning is fun when your fellow students and teachers are so charismatic, motivated and communicative. See you next time!

Your favorite German word?

My favorite word is “etepete” (= to behave overly cautious / like a princess, ENG finicky). I like how the word sounds and you just don’t know if it is a noun, verb or adjective when your hear it. This is very mysterious!

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We hope you enjoy reading and see you soon as a Humboldt student in Berlin!