Returning students to Humboldt – Alexandru (B1) from Romania18. March 2019

Among the many students at the schools of the Humboldt-Institut, a certain number are returning students who study with Humboldt for the second or even third time. Alexandru from Romania took his third German course at Humboldt-Institut Berlin last summer. In this article he tells us about his motivation to learn German in Berlin.

Why do you learn German?

I learn German because I want to work in Germany as a doctor.

Why did you return to the Humboldt-Institut?

I already took my third German course at the Humboldt-Institut. For me, Humboldt is like a second family.

Your favorite German word?

I have no favorite word because all German words are wonderful!

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We hope you enjoy reading and see you soon as a Humboldt student in Berlin!