Returning Students at the Humboldt-Institut in Berlin17. September 2018

Among the many students at the schools of the Humboldt-Institut, a certain number are returning students who study with Humboldt for the second or even third time. This is also the case with some of our Berlin students. We have asked those students why they enjoy learning German with Humboldt. In this series we present the students and their motivation. The first article is about Daniel and Rebeca from Mexico and Lara from Slovenia.

Daniel (B2)

Daniel from Mexico studies at the Humboldt-Institut Berlin for the third time and says: “I am here, because Humboldt does not only mean learning German, but Humboldt is like a family.”

Lara (B2)

Lara from Slovenia is enrolled at the Humboldt-Institut for the second time: “I am here, because my German course last summer was excellent and I want to further improve my German.”

Rebeca (B2)

Rebeca from Mexico is a student at Humboldt for the fourth time: “I am returning not to only improve my German, but also to make friends for life.”

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We hope you enjoy reading and see you soon as a Humboldt student in Berlin!