Meet Sara from Italy – Winner of the Humboldt Advent Calendar20. February 2019

Sara from Italy heard of the Humboldt Advent Calendar by chance on Facebook. Shortly later, she won the first prize, a two-week German course in Berlin. It is Sara’s first time at the Humboldt-Institut and she currently attends a B2.1 German course.

Why do you learn German?

In Italy I have studied German for five years in high school and later took German classes at university. I first studied foreign literature and added a Master degree in German for international corporations. Currently I work in tourism and I am responsible for German clients.

How do you like your German course with Humboldt?

All staff members are very nice and I really enjoy the intensive courses as I used to learn German only for a few lessons per week. Especially since I am working, I have not much time left. The intensive course allows me to learn a lot within two weeks.

Your favorite German word?

One of my favorite German words is Seelsorge (pastoral care) because it is a beautiful concept and this word does not exist like that in Italian.