Leisure Activities in Constance9. December 2022

Kartfahren in Konstanz

In Constance – and in all other course locations – the Humboldt-Institut offers its students a varied leisure and cultural program every week. Betty, one of our students from Mexico, writes about some of our students’ activities in and around Constance this fall.

Pumpkins for Halloween

Pumpkin carving for Halloween
At the end of October, we carved pumpkins. Everyone chose a pumpkin and created their own design. These designs were then carved into the pumpkins using tools such as knives and spoons so that a candle could later be placed inside the hollowed out pumpkins.

The activity went very well with the students since it was close to Halloween. While the pumpkins were being carved, everyone had a lot of fun and shared different ideas and comments. In the evening, we placed the finished pumpkins with their unique designs outside the Humboldt-Institut and lit the candles.

Pan de muertos

Mexican delicacies
In my native Mexico, November 2 is also known as “Day of the Dead” (Día de Muertos). Mexican tradition holds that on this day our deceased relatives and friends from beyond the grave come to visit us. On this day, “the living” build an altar with offerings such as tequila, flowers, food, and the “bread of the dead” (pan de muerto).

Because of this tradition, I taught my fellow students at the Humboldt-Institut to prepare this traditional sweet dish from Mexico on this very day. From the main ingredients flour, eggs, sugar, etc. we made the dough, shaped the pastry, and baked it. Afterward, we ate the fresh pastry together and learned a little about Mexican culture and the shape of the Pan de Muerto. For instance, the breads are often decorated with stylized skulls, crossed bones, or crosses made from dough. 

Of course, the students can also contribute their own ideas and wishes, which are taken into account when planning the leisure program. The most anticipated activity of the month was one such wish activity: indoor karting. Everyone was excited to finally go karting. One reason was probably that this very Friday was also the last day of a 5-week course level, and most of the students had successfully passed their respective levels. This activity seemed to be the most fun for the students because it was a great opportunity to take a break from learning!


Betty has already told us here on the blog about learning German in Berlin and Constance. We are looking forward to her next post!