Grammatik-Fanatiker – The Humboldt Podcast24. November 2022

Grammatik-Fanatiker Podcast

Tune in to the new Humboldt podcast! “Grammar Fanatics” is the title of a new podcast, created by our students in Berlin. They record an episode on different topics every week. Students work on the script in groups and record the episodes together. The podcast helps the students to consolidate and apply their vocabulary and gives them speaking practice.

A total of five episodes are planned, all of which can be accessed on Spotify. Topics include “Learning German,” “Gender-neutral language”, “Dubbing,” “Dialects”, “Future” and “Work”.

Here’s what the students have to say about their podcast

I enjoyed the podcast, …

  • because I could improve my speaking and I had fun with my fellow students. – Christoffer from Mexico
  • because it helped me to hear myself speak. – Chantal from England
  • because I had to get out of my shell. – Sebastiano from Switzerland
  • because it was fun! – Michele from Italy

“As a teacher, I also enjoyed the project because it helped to create a group spirit,“ says Lena, who teaches the class. „In addition, the students were able to correct their own mistakes at the end and their oral expression improved as a result. Especially difficult expressions, such as describing graphics, could be strengthened through the podcast”, adds Lena.

And she reveals something else: “I will have a colleague continue the podcast. So we can look forward to more episodes in the future!”

You can listen to all “Grammatik-Fanatiker” episodes on Spotify.