German for Teenagers and Young Adults – Summer Courses 20202. March 2020

This year the Humboldt-Institut once again offers numerous opportunities for teenagers and young adults from all over the world who want to learn German in Germany. At various locations throughout Germany as well as in Vienna, students of different ages and language levels can work on their German skills and immerse themselves in a German-speaking environment also outside of the classroom. This language immersion makes the German courses at the Humboldt-Institut so unique.

In this article, we focus on German courses for teenagers and young adults that are offered in summer 2020. In an earlier article we already presented the available German courses for children. In summer 2020, German courses are available at ten different course locations for the age groups 13-17, 14-18 and 15-18 years of age.

Summer Courses for Teenagers in Berlin

In Berlin, the Humboldt-Institut welcomes students aged 15-18 in the course center Berlin-Teenager. The German courses are offered for a duration of either three or six weeks. During this time, the students live in triple and quadruple rooms in the centrally located youth hostel near Berlin Central Station. In the afternoon, various leisure activities are scheduled, during which German is spoken. All activities and excursions are already included in the course fee. On Wednesday afternoon and Saturday, excursions in and outside of Berlin are arranged, e.g. to the Museum Island, the Reichstag, to the Mauerpark or to Dresden.

Learn German in the West of Germany

In western Germany, young learners can choose between German summer courses in Düsseldorf (ages 14-18), Cologne (ages 15-18) and Schmallenberg (ages 14-18). While the youth hostels in Cologne and Düsseldorf are centrally located in vibrant cities, Schmallenberg in the Sauerland region offers a very quiet atmosphere in a popular holiday destination. In Düsseldorf and Cologne, students can choose between two, four or six (Cologne only) weeks of course duration. Students in Schmallenberg are very flexible and any course duration between two and nine weeks is possible.

German Courses in Bavaria and on Lake Constance

Finally, in the south of Germany, students can choose between German summer courses in Kempten (ages 14-18), Meersburg and Munich (both ages 15-18). In Kempten and Meersburg, the students are guests in the comfortable rooms of the JUFA Hotel. In Meersburg, accommodation with host families is available as well. Whereas in Kempten the Alps are within your fingertips, Meersburg is located directly on the shores of Lake Constance offering a beautiful view over the lake.
The city of Munich has a completely different character, although it is often referred to as Millionendorf (village of a million). This is due to the fact that this metropolis, despite having almost 1.5 million inhabitants, still has the charm of a much smaller city. Our course center in the heart of Haidhausen district is very central yet quiet. After class, students can look forward to leisure activities and excursions, for example to the Allianz Arena, the BMW World, the German Museum, the English Garden or the nearby Alps.

German Summer Courses in Vienna

In Austria, the Humboldt Institute also offers a German course for teenagers (age 15-18) in summer. Vienna is one of the most popular course locations and can be booked for two or four weeks. The students live in modern twin rooms in the centrally located Brigittenau youth hostel. What makes this course very special is the location of the classrooms: the lessons take place on a ship! The Bertha-von-Suttner-Gymnasium is a ship transformed into a school and anchored on the Danube river. The unique location next to Danube Island and the classrooms in the belly of the ship contribute to an unforgettable German course.

Year-round German Courses for Teenagers

Also in the south of Germany are our two year-round course locations Bad Schussenried (ages 14-17) and Lindenberg (ages 13-17). These two course locations are open all year round, also in autumn, winter and spring. The German courses there can be booked with flexible durations starting from two weeks. Here too, accommodation, full board, a daily leisure program and varied excursions are included in the course fee and contribute to the learning success of each student.

Further information on these and other course centers can be found in the menu under the item “Course Centers”. We hope that we have the right German course for your children!