German for Children – Summer Courses 202018. February 2020

This year, the Humboldt-Institut again offers numerous opportunities for children and teenagers from all over the world who want to learn German. At different locations throughout Germany and in Vienna, students of different ages and language levels can work on their German skills. They also immerse themselves in a German-speaking environment outside of the classroom. This language immersion makes the German courses at the Humboldt-Institut unique.

In this article, we will focus on German courses for children offered in summer 2020. In a second article we present the German courses for teenagers. In summer, there are six different course locations for children between 7-11 years, 9-13 years and 11-14 years of age.

The Humboldt-Institut welcomes its youngest course participants aged 7-11 to Schloss Wittgenstein. A total of 25 German lessons of 45 minutes each are on the schedule every week. The German course at Wittgenstein Castle lasts three weeks. During this time the students live in triple and quadruple rooms in the castle. In the afternoon, various leisure activities are scheduled, which are included in the course price. As an additional course there is the possibility to choose horseback riding lessons. German is always spoken during the leisure program. In parallel to the children’s courses, accompanying parents can also attend a German course at Wittgenstein Castle.

The summer courses in Lehnin near Berlin, Reimlingen near Nördlingen (Bavaria) and at Heessen Castle in Hamm (North Rhine-Westphalia) are aimed at somewhat older students in the age group 9-13 years. What all three course locations have in common is the age group, the scope of the course with 25 lessons per week and the proven Humboldt concept including accommodation, daily leisure program and excursions. In Lehnin, the course is offered for three weeks, in Reimlingen and at Heessen Castle, students can choose between two or four weeks of course duration. As an additional course, sailing is offered in Lehnin and horseback riding in Reimlingen. The Humboldt-Institut offers therefore a summer course for children in northern, southern and western Germany.

In Bad Dürkheim, a spa town in Palatinate, Humboldt welcomes students of an intermediate age group between 11 and 14 years of age. Here too, 25 lessons of German per week are on the schedule. Students can choose between a course duration of two or four weeks.

The children’s courses in Bad Schussenried (age group 9-13 years) offer the most flexibility. This course location is open all year round, also in autumn, winter and spring. The courses can be booked for a duration of two weeks. Here too, accommodation, full board, a daily leisure program and excursions are included and contribute to the learning success.

Further information on these and other course locations can be found under the menu item “Course Centers”. We hope that we have the right German course for your children. In the next blog article we will present the German courses for teenagers and young adults in summer 2020.