All Good Things Come in Threes – Triplets Learn German30. January 2020

Hello, can you introduce yourself briefly?
We are Barbara, Leonardo and Lorenzo and we are triplets. We were all born on the same day in May 2005 in Sao Paulo and are therefore all 14 years old.
Barbara: I like to read, play the violin and tennis.
Leonardo: I like to make music, play guitar and violin and also football, but not as much as Lorenzo.
Lorenzo: I like to play football. Together with my siblings, I attend the German school Colégio Humboldt in Sao Paulo .

Why are you learning German?
We actually learn German for school. We, Barbara and Lorenzo, are taught all subjects at school in German. Leonardo is in a class where lessons are taught in Portuguese and German. Our parents like the concept of the German School, but we don’t have any German ancestors.

Is this your first visit to Germany?
Yes, this is our first visit to Germany and to Europe in general. Tomorrow we will go to North Rhine-Westphalia to attend the Buldern Castle boarding school for three months. There we are taught all subjects in German.

What do you like most about Germany?
What we like most about Germany is the infrastructure and public transport. The people are very friendly, the landscape is beautiful and everything works so well.

Do you already know what you want to do after school?
Barbara: I like reading and writing very much, I also find psychology very interesting.
Leonardo: I would like to do something with music, but I don’t know what exactly.
Lorenzo: I find economics very interesting.

Do you have a favorite German word?
(All unanimously) “DOCH!”

Thank you for the interview. We wish you all the best for the future!

PS: More information about the German courses of the Humboldt-Institut is available here on our website under the menu item “German courses for children and teenagers”. More information about going to school in Germany is available on our new website “Boarding Schools in Germany”.