Secondary Education Prep Year

ages 15-18

The Concept

The unique feature of the Prep Year for international students program is regular rotation between attending German classes and a regular secondary school, with students alternating between the Humboldt-Institut in Bad Schussenried and the Schloss Bieberstein boarding school. The focus at Bad Schussenried is on German as a foreign language, whereas students participate in regular classes in select subject areas at Bieberstein. After successfully completing the prep year, students can attend upper-level courses at Schloss Bieberstein.


Language preparation in Bad Schussenried

At Bad Schussenried, the Humboldt-Institut offers everything students need to feel at home and become accustomed to life in Germany. In addition to learning the German language within a short period of time through intensive study in very small classes, students also receive the support they need outside of the classroom and become acquainted with life at the boarding school community.

Preparing for upper-level coursework at Bieberstein

Besides continuing to deepen their understanding of German, students will focus their time at Schloss Bieberstein primarily on applying their new knowledge to regular coursework (mathematics, athletics, art, the natural sciences, English). Doing so will prepare the students specifically for the demands of the upper-level college preparatory curriculum.

Program Schedule

The program begins with a German course at Bad Schussenried, after which students alternate between Bieberstein and Bad Schussenried at intervals lasting multiple weeks at a time. Transportation between the two schools is included. The prep year ends in July, and by that time students will be expected to have successfully completed B2.2 level language requirements.


Applicants for the Prep Year should be between 15 and 18 years of age and have good reports from their home countries. They need to have successfully completed at least year 9 and demonstrate English skills which are adequate for upper-level secondary education. As the intensive German preparation is an essential part of the Prep Year, no prior knowledge of German is required.


Courses & Fees

Secondary Education Prep Year

32.000 € (40 weeks)    36.000 € (45 weeks)    40.000 € (50 weeks)
Starting dates: 31.07.2022, 04.09.2022, 09.10.2022

For the program phases at Schloss Bieberstein:
Enrollment fee: 1.000 €
Down payment for expenses: 2.500 €


What is included:

Course instruction and materials, full room and board, 24-hour support, extracurricular program, excursions, transportation between Bad Schussenried and Schloss Bieberstein.

If you have more questions:

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