telc Deutsch exams A1–C1 (various age groups)

Die telc GmbH (The European Language Certificates) is an internationally recognized testing company. The telc language certificates are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, making them internationally comparable and thus improving students’ educational and professional opportunities.

Through these general language exams, students can prove how well they master the German language in daily situations, such as trips, leisure activities or at work.

The exams consist of an individual written exam, as well as of an oral exam conducted with another student or in groups. To help you get an idea what kind of language knowledge corresponds to the various telc exams please see the following overview:


Exam Recommended previous knowledge
telc A1
telc A1 Junior
100 – 150 lessons
telc A2
telc A2 Schule
250 – 300 lessons
telc B1
telc B1 Schule
450 – 500 lessons
telc B2 750 – 900 lessons
telc C1
telc C1 Hochschule
1050 – 1200 lessons