Abitur for Eight Students of the Humboldt Boarding School10. July 2018

A total of eight happy graduates of the Humboldt boarding school in Lindenberg received their Abitur (German high school graduation certificate) in the past week. Three of them – Ziman, Siqi and Yi – even managed an A average and this as non-native speakers of German!

The future goals of those 8 students are quite different. Ziman is eager “to study cultural sciences in Leipzig, because I am very much interested in culture, ethics and society.” Hossein on the other hand is looking forward to his co-operative studies in business informatics.

For both students the Abitur went smoother than expected. Part of the reason is their intensive preparation for the exams. “Of course, the Abitur wasn’t easy, but definitely doable. For the exams you just have to study constantly for two years straight.” This is Hossein’s resumé of his two final years at the Lindenberg Gymnasium. For Ziman the written and oral exams were easier than expected. She states: “Although I am not very good in maths, the exams went better than usual.”

The two students describe their time at the Humboldt boarding school in Lindenberg as a very enriching experience, both academically and personally.

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We wish our alumni all the best for their further studies and hope to see them again in Lindenberg in the future to pass on their experiences to the next generation of students!