Free Online German Test

What level of German do I have?

Test your German! Here you can quickly and easily test your German level online.

Instructions for the test are only available in German and English.

The tests contain cloze texts (you will need to complete words) with increasing difficulty and age-appropriate content. The extensive test also contains a comprehensive grammar section.

After the short test you will receive a placement according to our course system. You will find out whether your German skills are in the lower, middle or upper range of levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2. The result provides a good orientation and helps you plan your German course at the Humboldt-Institut.

If you take the detailed test, you will find out the result and the course classification as part of the counseling process, which takes into account other factors such as the duration and purpose of the German course, e.g. to study in Germany.

The test is free of charge. Please write the test without help in order to get the most realistic assessment possible.

Choice of placement test

There are three test versions to choose from:

Short test
max. 25 minutes, for self-assessment, direct results

Detailed test
max. 90 minutes, for a thorough counseling

Detailed test (by the institute’s request)
max. 90 minutes, for a thorough counseling

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