Online German Courses for Adults

The Humboldt-Institut now also offers online German courses that allow you to learn German from the comfort of your home. Here is an overview of the available courses including a short description of each course:

Number of lessons minimum 2 lessons of 45 minutes per week
Language levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 (Monday – Saturday)
Starting dates upon request
Fees € 600 per 10 lessons (following a face-to-face course)

€ 650 per 10 lessons (without booking a face-to-face course)


Course Information

The online private lessons are suitable, among other things, for the follow-up of a face-to-face course in order to maintain and consolidate the content learned. On request, skills and topics can be dealt with in a targeted manner, for example to prepare for an exam. The schedule and the scope of the courses are flexible. The minimum booking is two consecutive lessons of 45 minutes each per week with a total booking of at least 10 lessons. The packages can be booked in increments of ten (10, 20, 30 or 40 lessons).

For participants without prior knowledge, the use of an intermediary language, usually English, is required.

This offer is only available outside the high season.

Number of lessons from 10 lessons per week
Language levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2
Starting dates upon request
Fee upon request


Course Information

The participants in the group courses must have a similar level of German.


General Information

The online courses comprise the respective number of lessons, the course material and a certificate of participation.

The minimum age to attend the courses is 18 years.

Technical Requirements

The learning platform runs in your browser  (e.g. Chrome, Firefox). A computer or laptop with headphones, microphone and camera is required. Smartphones are not suitable for participating in the online classes. You can use the following link to check whether your computer is suitable for online courses: System check. The technical review is required to book one of the online German course.

Your German level will be determined by an online placement test. You will receive the link and further information after booking the course.



You may use our enrollment form to book one of the online German courses. Please select the entry “Online courses 18+ years” under point 1 “Your school”. You can then choose between the courses on offer. After the booking request, you will receive a summary by email and a separate booking confirmation within one working day.

For all courses, payment of the course fee is due before the start of the course.


Feedback from Students

„ The online lessons with Humboldt were really great, although I didn’t expect it. What I particularly liked were the breakout rooms in which it is very easy to work together with the other students.
Jad (19)
„ The Saturday course is ideal for those who work during the week and have little time. The lessons help me a lot to develop my German. The teachers are nice and lessons are very motivating.
Rafael (32)
„ I am incredibly grateful to the Humboldt-Institut for 3 months of successful German lessons.
Vsevolod (18)
„ I think your Saturday courses are very convenient and useful. I am happy to recommend them to my friends.
Irene (51)
„ The online German classes were a wonderful experience! The distance learning didn’t interfere with the learning process at all. Thanks to the online classes and the wonderful teachers, I have improved my language skills incredibly. All of this was possible from the safety and comfort of my home. I was very happy to get to know the teachers and students at the Humboldt-Institut.
Sofia (18)
„ I would like to pass along that I have very much enjoyed taking the the A1 course with Humboldt. The online evening classes are very good for balancing with a full-time work schedule. Michelle has been a wonderful teacher.
Erin (31)


Our booking office at will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the German courses of the Humboldt-Institut.