Secondary Education Prep Year for International Students8. May 2018

In cooperation with Schloss Bieberstein Boarding School, the Humboldt-Institut proposes a preparation year for secondary education in Germany. The program begins with a German course at Bad Schussenried, after which students alternate between Bieberstein and Bad Schussenried at intervals lasting multiple weeks at a time.

The unique feature of the Prep Year for Upper-Level Students is regular rotation between attending German classes and a regular secondary school. The focus at Bad Schussenried is on German as a foreign language, whereas students participate in regular classes in select subject areas at Bieberstein. After successfully completing the prep year, students can attend upper-level courses at Schloss Bieberstein.

The prep year ends in July, and by that time students will be expected to have successfully completed B2.2 level language requirements. The starting dates for the upcoming school year 2018/2019 are August 5, September 9 or October 14, 2018.

Applicants for the prep year will need to demonstrate that they have performed well at school in their home country, that their English skills are good, that they have completed at least the 9th grade and that they are between 15 and 18 years of age. No prior knowledge of German required.

For your questions regarding the Secondary Education Prep Year, please send a message to We are looking forward to hearing from you!