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General Conditions

Please read these conditions carefully before you complete the enrolment form! Please find a PDF version for printing purposes following this link.

  1. Enrolment
    Please use the enrolment form to enrol in your preferred course. The form can be sent directly via Internet, or it can be printed and completed by hand and then faxed or mailed to:

    Humboldt-Institut e.V.
    Schloss Ratzenried
    88260 Argenbuehl
    Fax: (+49-7522) 988 988

  2. Conditions of Payment
    Upon receipt of our invoice (mailed to your address after submission of the enrollment form), a down-payment of EUR 200.- will be due. 30 days before the desired course begins, the final payment is due. For courses lasting 10 weeks or more, the reduced fees for the first 10 weeks must be sent before the beginning of the course. The remaining fees can be paid in installments upon agreement.

  3. Cancellation of Enrolment
    Cancellation can be made either by fax, telephone, registered mail, or e-mail. In the case of a cancellation made up to 4 weeks before a course starts, a fee of EUR 50.- is payable, up to 14 days before a course starts, EUR 200.-, and thereafter EUR 500.- are payable. In case of non-appearance without previous cancellation, a one month's fee is forfeited. The participant obtains the right to prove that in a concrete case the adequate cancellation fee would be considerably lower than the generalized amount. We recommend acquiring a trip cancellation insurance, so that you will not lose your tuition fees in case of illness.

  4. Curtailment of a Course
    A student must give at least 4 weeks notice of the intention to curtail his/her course. However, a long term course, i. e. a course to which reduced course fees are applicable, cannot be curtailed before the end of the first 10 weeks.

  5. Complaints
    Complaints must be filed immediately and in written form by contacting or by sending a letter to the address listed under paragraph 1.

  6. Absence at Commencement of, or during, a Course
    In case of late entry or absence during a course, no refund of fees will be granted. The obligation to pay is not revoked by a delay in payment. Absence may not be made up for by extending the course.

  7. School Regulations
    We request all students to abide by our house rules. In case of a severe offense, the school authorities reserve the right to exclude a student from a course. A proportionate refund of course fees is granted only after a 4 weeks cancellation period. In the case of a long term course with reduced course fees, paragraph 4 applies.

  8. Parental Care / Responsibility for Students under 18 Years of Age
    For the duration of the language course, the director of the Humboldt-Institut or members of the staff authorized by the director take and accept the rights and duties related to parental care of children.

  9. Liability
    The Humboldt-Institut will make every effort to duly fulfill the contract. In case of a claim for a refund the amount repayable shall be proportional to the amount paid, but in no case greater than the total amount paid. The Humboldt-Institut does not hold liability in case of non-fulfillment of obligations under contract resulting from force majeure.

  10. Data privacy
    Electronic data processing systems are used for course administration. By indicating your postal and/or e-mail address, you, as the adult course participant and/or participant's legal guardian, hereby declare your willingness to receive additional information via mail and/or e-mail. Regarding the internal use of your postal or email address for marketing purposes (newsletters, brochures, etc.): you may unsubscribe from these mailings at any time by sending an email to or by writing to the address indicated under item 1.
    As the adult course participant and/or the participant’s legal guardian, you hereby provide your irrevocable consent authorizing the Humboldt-Institut and any partners contractually bound to the Humboldt-Institut to create, duplicate, transmit or have third parties transmit videos, images and audio recordings of the participant, or to use these materials in audiovisual media for the advertising purposes of the Humboldt-Institut. Such usage shall be royalty-free and applies to all current and future media.

  11. Legal domicile
    Any disputes arising hereunder will be settled under German law and before a competent Wangen im Allgaeu court of law.

  12. Exclusion of liability for external links
    Although we thoroughly check the content of external links, we are not liable for their content. Only the corresponding operator of a linked website is responsible for its content.
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