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Secondary Education in Germany

Two students comparing their reports
School yard of the "Gymnasium Lindenberg"

The Idea

Going to school and living abroad for a period of time fosters adolescents’ development and ensures a successful future for them in a job market that is becoming more and more international - studying in Germany would enhance any resume. Our “Going to school in Germany” program is geared toward highly motivated students between 10 and 17 years of age, and offers them the chance to participate in regular classes in German boarding schools. Living amongst German classmates, these juniors enhance their language skills and prepare to pass the Abitur, which is required for university admittance in Germany.


Besides having to demonstrate generally above average academic performance, foreign candidates must also have sufficient knowledge of the German language to be admitted to a German school. This is why they are asked first of all to attend an intensive German language course for several months at our language center in Bad Schussenried or in Lindenberg. Having completed level B2, students are then transferred to a boarding school and integrated in a class according to their age and performance level.

Preparatory Courses in Bad Schussenried and
in Lindenberg

Our schools in Bad Schussenried and in Lindenberg offer our students ideal conditions to feel at ease and get used to a life in Germany. High-quality courses paired with a small number of students per class assure that students pick up the language quickly and thoroughly.

Program schedule

Depending on their prior skill level, students will need approx. two to six months to reach the required level of German (completion of Humboldt level B2). Afterwards, we offer our students a 5-week preparatory course:

Course System in Lindenberg and Bad Schussenried

Having completed their language program, students will switch to a German boarding school and stay there either until the end of the school year or until they complete their “Abitur”.


The Humboldt-Institut cooperates with highly respected boarding schools throughout Germany and will gladly help students find the school that is right for them.

Partner schools

Details about our partner schools as well as a thorough overview regarding our program "Secondary Education in Germany" are available in our brochure "Boarding Schools in Germany".

"Boarding Schools in Germany" brochure

You can also the brochure in printed form free of charge.

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