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Type of courses

Juniors reading German books in leisure time
Juniors having fun in German class

Type of Courses

Intensive Courses 25

In each of our centers for juniors we teach intensive German courses with 25 lessons per week. The lessons are structured and designed for younger students: they are interactive and fun, yet at the same time demanding and very effective.

Juniors have 5 lessons of 45 minutes each morning, starting at 8.30 a.m. and running until 1:00 p.m., including two breaks.

One-to-one Courses

We offer students the opportunity to intensify their German language skills by taking highly intensive one-to-one lessons. They can choose to take 25, 30 or 40 lessons per week.

The teacher will focus on the individual needs of the student and will custom-tailor the lessons according to his or her needs. Taking one-to-one lessons can help students who wish to reach a certain goal in a minimum of time, or who wish to make up for a lack of knowledge to fit into the class of a certain language level.

General Information on Courses

Language Levels

We offer up to 6 different language levels, from total beginners to very advanced, or, according to the European Framework of Reference, levels A1-C2.

Class Size

Our classes usually consist of 8-10 students. Such a small size ensures that individual attention is given to every single course participant. As we focus very much on the communicative approach of the language, while not neglecting grammar, we give heed to make every student talk and participate.


All course participants take a weekly exam which covers all the course content taught the preceding week, so that students and teachers alike can assess the progress made in the German language.


Our juniors are also expected to do some homework every day, yet they will still have plenty of time for extracurricular activities.

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