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Arrival airports

The Humboldt-Institut offers transfer services from and to international airports.

Arrival and Departure

Students who arrive by plane may book an airport transfer with us. For this service we will charge a fee per trip and person. The fee will double if students do not arrive on the designated arrival or departure days. The day of arrival is Sunday and the day of departure is Saturday. The airport transfer is only available for the airports indicated in the program descriptions. Longer waits may result for anyone who is late in submitting his/her information. Additionally a late booking fee is charged.

Transfer Reservation

If you book an airport transfer with us, our program supervisors will pick you up at the airport either in a car or a mini-van on arrival day and will take you to the school. Similarly, on the day of departure, they will take you back from the course center to the airport. Please provide us at least 7 days in advance with the following flight details: flight number, airline, arrival and departure time.

Unaccompanied Minor

If you want to send your child as an “UM” (unaccompanied minor) you have to book and pay this service with your airline for both ways in advance and inform us in time.








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