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Type of Course

Highly intensive German language courses

Mini group course in German as a foreign language
One-to-one German language lesson at Freudental Castle

Mini-group courses

Our highly intensive mini-group courses for executives are comprised of 40 lessons (45 minutes each) per week, i.e. 8 lessons a day. The class size ranges between 2 and 4 participants only, guaranteeing that individual attention can be given to each learner.

We make it a priority to place only those individuals together in a mini group whose language abilities are at the same level. We also will try to custom-tailor the course to the personal needs of each participant. Courses are offered for every level of the German language (A1 – C2).

One-to-one courses

We offer international executives the opportunity to intensify their language experience by taking highly intensive one-to-one German courses with 30 or 40 lessons (45 minutes each) per week, i.e. 6 or 8 lessons a day. By getting individually taught by an experienced teacher they make the most of the little time they have for a language course.

The teacher will focus on the personal needs of the course participant and will custom-tailor the lessons according to his or her necessities. Taking one-to-one lessons will help learners who wish to attain a certain goal in a minimum of time or who have very job-specific or individual needs and expectations. Courses are offered for every level of the German language.
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